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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 1. Lesson 3. My Best Friend
Aims and objectives: to present and practice new vocabulary; to develop students' speaking skills; to develop students' ability of interacting.

Warm up My Best Friend
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercise
Students revise the sounds [ai], [i], [a]. The rhyme is on the blackboard (or in the handouts):
Kitty's home is in the country, Betty's home is in the city. Kitty likes to stay with Betty, Betty likes to stay with Kitty. Betty likes the country best, Kitty likes the busy city. That is quite a lucky thing For Betty and for Kitty.
Checking on homework
Some students read their works.
Teacher asks students (the whole class) about formation of adjectives' degrees of comparison.
Lexical self-checking dictation. Teacher dictates the words, students write the adjectives and their forms. Then students go to the blackboard one by one and write the adjectives there. After writing and checking, they have to read them.
- Fine — (finer — the finest)
- White — (whiter — the whitest)
- Bad — (worse — the worst)
- Beautiful — (more beautiful — the most beautiful)
- Good — (better — the best)
- Easy — (easier — the easiest)
- Interesting — (more interesting — the most interesting)
- Little — (less — the least)
- Important — (more important — the most important)
- Much/many — (more — the most)
Introducing the topic
Teacher presents the new topic using ex. 1, p. 9. Students listen to the text and fill in the gaps. Teacher writes some words on the blackboard. Students write down these words into vocabularies, o Twins — ptwinz] — 6jih3Hk>kh, flBiHHHTa a Close — ['klauz] — 6jiH3bKHH a Opinion — [a'pinjon] — AyMKa a Ideal — [ai'dial] — ifleajibHHH Answers: 1 Ireland; 2 Irish; 3 British; 4 sister; 5 twins; 6 close friends; 7 understand; 8 parents; 9 ideal.
Work in pairs. Teacher forms pairs and students start to work with questions (ex. 2, p. 9) asking and answering each other. Then students present their dialogues to the class.
The teacher makes movements with the students. The teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. Students have to know main instructions to the physical exercises. First, the teacher gives the commands with translation to the students, and then repeats them at the next lessons. For example:
□  Stretch (out) — потягнутися
□  Stretch wide — розвести руки в сторони
□  Straighten shoulders — розвести плечі
□  Kick high into the air — високо підіймати ноги по черзі a Curl up small — згорнутися калачиком
 Sit on your fours — стати навколішки
□  Balance with your — тримати рівновагу
 Feet together/side by side — ноги разом / нарізно d Bend — нахилитися
□  Arms down — руки опустити
□  Arms stretched — руки витягти в сторони
Reading the text "My Best Friend". Teacher explains the task. Students have to mark unknown words and write them down into vocabularies. Their task is to find the words in the text-book glossary. Students have to read and translate them orally.
a Smart                                               □ Participate
a Easy-going                                       □ Helpful
d Attend                                               Advice
a Choir                                                 Advise
Writing. Speaking
Work in pairs. Doing ex. 4, p. 10. Students have to write question as in the example, ask their partners (do a class survey) and complete the , table.
Students tell classmates about the results of their survey.
Ex. 6, p. 10; to write the words' pronunciation and translation (ex. 3, p. 9); to learn the words by heart.
T. Do you have the best friend? What can you say about your best friend? What is the kind of person your best friend? Is it important to have a good friend?
Students' answers.

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