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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 1. Lesson 4. Traits of Character
Aims and objectives: to present and practise new vocabulary to describe character; to develop students' speaking skills; to develop students' reading skills; to bring students to respect and benevolence to others.

Warm up Traits of Character 
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercise
Students revise sounds [л] and [rj ]. The teacher asks students about the difference of [s] — [6] in the words (or explains if it's necessary). The twisters are on the blackboard (or in the handouts):
a)  My mother's brother's my uncle; my uncle's son's my cousin.
b)  Young King Kong was stronger than strong.
Checking on homework
Only some students read their works.
Lexical seif-checking dictation with translation. After writing students spell the words, say the Ukrainian variant and write them on the blackboard.
 Twins                                                Attend
 Close                                                 Choir
 Opinion                                            □ Participate
 Ideal                                                 Helpful
□  Smart                                               Advice d Easy-going                                      
Introducing the topic
Presentation of vocabulary. Teacher presents the topic using ex. 1, p. 10. Students look at the pictures and repeat the words with teacher. Their task is to find the words' definitions and explain them, then call the words in Ukrainian. Students have to name the topic in Ukrainian, too. Students have to write the words down into their vocabularies:
□  hard-working — ['ha:dw9:kin| — працелюбний 
 attentive — [a'tentiv] — уважний
 lively — ['laivli] — діяльний, енергійний, живий 
 honest — ['omst] — чесний
□  cheerful — ['tjmfsl] — життєрадісний, веселий 
 clever — fkleva] — розумний
 trait — f'treit] — риса Vocabulary practice. Teacher prepares slips of paper with the new words (one word on each slip): hard-working, attentive, lively, honest, cheerful, clever, arranges students into pairs. Each pair has to take one slip and make a dialogue as it is in an example (ex. 2, p. 11). Their task is to confirm definitions of the words with the facts about a person.
Reading and monologue
Ex. 3, p. 11. Before reading students read the task, and teacher explains it. Students read the texts and make the tasks to them. Each part of the text is read aloud by different students. Students have to express their opinion about each of the characters.
Answers: 1 B; 2 A; 3 C; 4 D.
The teacher makes movements with the students. 
□ Stretch (out) — потягнутися 
 Stretch wide — розвести руки в сторони 
 Straighten shoulders — розвести плечі
 Kick high into the air — високо підіймати ноги по черзі 
 Curl up small — згорнутися калачиком 
 Sit on your fours — стати навколішки 
 Balance with your- тримати рівновагу
 Feet together/side by side — ноги разом /нарізно-
 Bend — нахилитися
 Arms down — руки опустити
 Arms stretched — руки витягти в сторони
Teacher divides students into two groups. One of the groups will speak about positive person traits and another group will speak about negative traits. In each group, students discuss the questions (ex. 4, p. 12) and present their minds, then.
Ex. 7, p. 12, prepare to acting out of situation (ex. 6, p. 12), to learn the words.
T. You know our mood often can depend on our surrounding. Can you say what traits of character do you like in people you would like to go camping with? To travel with? To be in the same team with? To work or to study with?
Students' answers.

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