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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 1. Lesson 5. An Interview
Aims and objectives: to revise the vocabulary; to present learning strategies of an interview; to develop students' speaking skills; to develop students' listening skills; to develop students' ability to work in a group.

Warm up An Interview
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. I low are you?
Phonetic exercise
Students revise sounds |g] and [u:]. The twister is on the blackboard (or in the handouts):
1. Green glass globes glow greenly (three to five times).
2. How many cookies could a good cook? If a good cook could cook cookies7
A good cook could cook as much cookies. As a good cook who could cook cookies.
Checking on homework
Some students read their works.
Game. Acting out the situation
Students choose the partners to the dialogue and act home dialogues "Meeting with a former classmate".
Introducing the topic
Teacher says each person has his own opinion about a good quality life. Students look at the pictures and read the list (ex. 1, p. 12-13). Students have to agree or disagree with the points, argue their choice and write down their own points (one to three). Students may use ex. 2, p. 13 as an example.
Teacher presents learning strategies of an interview (p. 14). The
teacher makes sure students are familiar with the accentuated words.
- choose a topic for the interview; it depends on (залежить від) the interviewed person, his occupation (рід діяльності); 
- write a list of questions to find out (дізнатися) about the person as much as possible (якомога більше); remember about privacy (недоторканість особистого життя); don't ask wrong questions (неналежні запитання)
- think of other questions you want to ask; some questions may appear while you'll interview the person, that's why you note this questions later; don't interrupt the interviewed person, wait till he (or she) answers;
- now interview the person; you may use your notes and make current ones.
Draw students' attention to the types of questions. Students listen to the interview and mark the thing are important for the person.
The teacher makes movements with the students, a Stretch (out) — потягнутися a Stretch wide — розвести руки в сторони a Straighten shoulders — розвести плечі n Kick high into the air — високо підіймати ноги по черзі
-  Curl up small — згорнутися калачиком a Sit on your fours — стати навколішки
-  Balance with your — тримати рівновагу
- Feet together/side by side — ноги разом /нарізно
- Bend — нахилитися
- Arms down — руки опустити
- Arms stretched — руки витягти в сторони
Reading. Writing
Students do ex. 4, p. 14. First, they read the task and the words to fill in. Teacher reminds their definitions if it's necessary. Second, students read the sentences one by one and write their answers.
Answers: 1 exciting; 2 go camping; 3 take swimming lessons / attend; 4 music; 5 to meet; 6 wonderful/seaside.
Teacher divides students into two groups. One of these groups is from an English-speaking country (at teacher's choice) and another group is from Ukraine. Each group prepares the questions for the interview. Then students present their work to each other. Teacher says students will change the places at the next lesson.
Homework An Interview
Ex. 6, p. 14. Teacher reminds students about difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous. Repeat the strategies of an interview.
T. What are the main rules of an interview? Why do we have to think about questions? What does it mean "wrong question"? What do you think about privacy?
Students' answers.

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