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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 2. Lesson 17. Fashion and Clothes
Aims and objectives: to practise vocabulary and pronunciation; to practise students' listening and speaking skills; to develop skills of giving opinions; to develop tolerance to others.

Warm up Fashion and Clothes
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercised
Students read ex. 3, p. 40 and find out what sounds are: [1] or [ai], (ж] or [h:], and [u:].
Checking on homework
Students read the text one by one and check their answers. Answers:
1. a) jacket; b) trousers; c) uniform; d) pocket; e) school; f) shirt; g) badge.
2. a) dress; b) socks; c) socks; d) shoes; e) sandals; f) uniform; g) hat.
The aim of this game is to revise names of clothes, verbs of the topic (to put on, to dress, to pull off, to lace up, to unlace, to zip, to unzip, to lake off, to fasten, to unfasten, to button up, to unbutton) and Present Continuous. Teacher asks students "What am I doing?" and mime either putting on or pulling off, or something else items of clothes. Students try to guess and say. The first student answering right changes the teacher etc.
Introducing the topic
Teacher explains the aims of the lesson, and then he gives students the dialogue (ex. 1, p. 39) to listen and to read it. Students have to agree or disagree with the statements and ground their opinion.
Work in pairs. Students read the task (ex. 2, p. 40) and act out a dialogue using the words from the box. Teacher explains definitions of the words if it's necessary. Students describe their partners' clothes using the examples.
The teacher makes movements with the students. The teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. For example:
I am a tree in the wood. I swing in the wind. My hands are the leaves. They fall from the tree. How so fly they float From the top of the tree.
Writing. Speaking
Work in whole class. Teacher shows students the pictures (ex. 4, p. 40) and asks what is wrong with clothes. Students remember phrases from Phonetic exercise and use them to say about pictures. They ask
AOh Other rippling down the chain and write down their answers on the blackboard and into the exercise books.
Homework Fashion and Clothes
Ex. 5, p. 41; to learn the phrases ex. 3, p. 40.
T. What can you say about your clothes? Look at yourself and say. Students" answers.

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