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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 4. Lesson 45. Semester Test on Reading
Aims and objectives: check students' reading skills.

Warm up Semester Test on Reading
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Introducing the topic
Teacher tells students about order of the work. Then, if it is necessary the teacher gives translation of some words to the students (on the blackboard) and reminds of geographical and proper names.
Students start their work. 
- Ancient — давній
-  On business — у відрядженні
-  Place — (тут) домівка
-  Embroidered — вишиваний
-  Pin — значок
Students will get 0.5 of a point for each right answer. Total mark is 12.
My Friend
My pen-friend Nick Miller lives in Ipswich, England. He is a student and he's ten. He is a good student and he usually has good marks. His favourite subjects are Maths and PE. I like to read his letters because they are very interesting. He often writes about his town. It is an old town in the south-east coast of England. It isn't very big, but it's very beautiful. The heart of the town is Christchurch Park. There are many ancient buildings, such as Wills House and Sparrow Mansion in Ipswich. Nick's school is in an old building, too. Nick's house is the next to his school.
On the summer holidays my friend's family was in Kyiv. His father is a programmer, and he travelled on business. His mother, who is a housewife, and Nick were in Kyiv, too. My parents invited them to our place. My mum cooked traditional Ukrainian dishes, and my dad asked Mr. Miller on fishing.
Nick and I walked along Kreshchatik, the main street of our capital. Kyiv is a big city. There are many beautiful streets, squares and parks to visit. Then we went to Andriivsky uzviz, where tourists usually can buy different souvenirs and pictures. Nick bought some magnets with Kyiv's sights, nice embroidered towels, which are called "rushnyky", for Mrs. Miller, and a pin for himself.
They were glad to meet in Kyiv.
- Write the correct form of the jumbled words. 
1)etrste                                       2)cusbejt
3)karp                                         4)evonuris
5)cohosl                                      6)auqres
(3 points)
Answers: 1 street; 2 subject; 3 park; 4 souvenir; 5 school; 6 square.
- True (T) or False (F) statements. 1. Nick is the Ukrainian.
2.  Nick studies well.
3.  Nick lives far from school.
4.  Ipswich is quite new town.
5. Nick was in Kyiv with his parents.
6. Nick's mom bought him a nice pin in Kyiv. (3 points)
Answers: 1 F; 2 T; 3 F; 4 F; 5 T; 6 F.
- Fill in the gaps with suitable words.
1. Nick lives in ... .
2. Ipswich is ... .
3. Nick's school is ... .
4. Nick went to Kyiv on ... .
5. Embroidered towels are called ... .
6. Kreshchatik is the main ... of ... . (3 points)
Answers: 1 Ipswich, England; 2 an old town in the south-east coast of England; 3 in an old building; 4 the summer holidays; 5 "rushnyky"; 6 street... capital.
- Complete the sentences. Some information is missed in the text.
1.  Nick's family is ... .
2. Nick's dad is ....
3.  Kyiv is... .
4. Traditional Ukrainian dishes are ... .
5. Nick's favoutite subjects are ... .
6.  In my family, I've got ... . (3 points)
Answers: 1 not big; 2 a programmer; 3 the capital of Ukraine /a big city; 4 varenyky, borshch; 5 Maths and PE; 6 mother, father and me.
Homework Semester Test on Reading
To prepare to the writing test; to repeat Degrees of Comparison, the use of "much/many/a lot of", "some/any", the use of present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple Tenses.
Summary and feedback
The teacher summarizes the work by asking for students' feedback.

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