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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 5. Lesson 57. Reading. "The Wind, the Sun, and Simon"
Aims and objectives: to revise students' speaking skills; to develop students reading skills; to develop ability of prediction; to practise scanning of the text for specific information.

Warm up "The Wind, the Sun, and Simon"
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercise
Students revise sounds [0] and [o]. The twister is on the blackboard (or in the handouts): a The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.
Checking on homework Ex. 6, ex. 7, p. 117.
Introducing the topic
Teacher asks students some questions on the topic to activate vocabulary (ex. I, p. 118). Students answer the questions and look at the pictures (ex. 2, p. 118). They try to guess what this text is about.
Teacher presents the text "The Wind, the Sun, and Simon" (ex. 3, p. 118-119). Students read the text.
After-reading activity. Students answer the questions:
1.  Which of the main characters is stronger?
2. Why do you think so? Explain your mind.
The teacher makes movements with the students. Teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. For example:
I can read. I can play. I can study every day. I'm bending. I'm staying. I'm stretching I'm stamping. I'm jumping. I'm running. I'm clapping, it's funny.
Focus on gist. Students look trough the text one more time and make ex. 4, p. 119 completing the sentences. Then they read them in turn and check.
Answers: 1 had an argument; 2 saw a boy; 3 blew hard; 4 run; 5 took off his coat; 6 Sun was right.
Focus on grammar. Students find an adjective in each word combination (ex. 5, p. 119), put each of them into the correct form and fill in the gaps in the sentences. Checking in class.
Strong, deep, hot, warm, dark, bright, heavy. 1. warmer; 2 brighter; 3 dark; 4 the deepest; 5 the hottest; 6 heavier.
To revise the Alphabet students write the words (ex. 6, p. 120) in the correct order.
First, students complete the word sums (ex. 7, p. 120). Answers: Thunderstorm, butterfly, hailstone, merry go-round, raindrop, seaside, grandfather.
To practise these words students have to write about the day they went to the fun fair (ex. 8, p. 120). They have to say: a when they went; a who they went with; □ what the weather was like that day; d what they did there. After finishing this work students (selectively) read their stories to the class.
Homework "The Wind, the Sun, and Simon"
Part В, р. 120; to bring some paper, clue, scissors and some coloured felt pens.
Summary and feedback
The teacher summarizes the work by asking for students' feedback.

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