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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 6. Lesson 63. Ukraine Is a European Country
Aims and objectives: to revise and practise vocabulary; to develop students listening skills; to develop students' communicative skills; to develop cross-cultural competence.

Warm up Ukraine Is a European Country
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercise
Students revise pronunciation of the geographical names (ex. 1, p. 133). Students listen to the geographical names and repeat them.
Checking on homework
Students ask their questions in turn, and others answer them.
Introducing the topic
Teacher presents the topic of the lesson and gives students to listen to the text (ex. 2, p. 133). While listen, students have to order the paragraphs of it and mark them with the letters A to В and numbers 1 to 4.
Answers: 1 D; 2 C; 3 A; 4 B.
Students read the text and check if their work is correct.
To practise monologue oral utterance, students answer the questions (ex. 3, p. 134) and show the geographical objects at the map. Each student answers the questions, and others may add some information after utterance without interruption.
The teacher makes movements with the students. Teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. For example:
Jumping this way, jumping that. Jumping gently like a cat. Jumping sideways, jumping tall. Jumping high like a bouncing ball.
Work in pairs. To practise dialogue speech, the teacher divides students into pairs. As the example, students use ex. 5, p. 134. Then students act out their dialogues.
Students read the sentences (ex. 4, p. 134) and choose the correct item to answer the questions. Answers: 1 b; 2 b; 3 a; 4 a; 5 a.
Homework Ukraine Is a European Country
Ex. 6, p. 134.
Summary and feedback
The teacher summarizes the work by asking for students' feedback.

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