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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 7. Lesson 71. Park Walk
Aims and objectives: to revise and practise vocabulary; to develop students listening skills; to develop students' communicative skills; to develop students' creativity.

Warm up Park Walk
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercise
Students revise sounds [ге], [a:] and [ei]. The rhyme is on the blackboard (or in the handouts):
Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man Bake me a cake as fast as you can; Pat it and prick it and mark it with a "B", And put it in the oven for Baby and me.
Checking on homework
Students read their works (selectively) and the teacher displays the .students' works.
The teacher can use ex. 1, p. 149-150 for this game. The teacher divides students into pairs, and each pair gets its own picture. Students look at the pictures and call the people's actions. And first, they answer the question "Where these people are?" Students have to answer and clear up the topic of the lesson.
Introducing the topic
The teacher presents the topic with the reading text "Parks" (ex. 2 p. 150). Students read the text and complete it with the missing part AtoF.
Answers: 1 C; 2 A; 3 F; 4 E; 5 D; 6 B.
Students read the sentences (ex. 3. p. 150-151) and tick them with T (true) or F (false). Then, students have to correct the false sentences
Answers: 1 F (in all the seasons); 2 F (in summer); З Т; 4 F (a park); 5 T; G F (from busy indoor life, television, couch).
The teacher divides students into pairs. Then in pairs, students talk about parks asking and answering the questions (ex. 4, p. 151).
The teacher makes movements with the students. Teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. For example:
Rain-rain, go away, Come again another day. Little Johnny wants to play; Rain, rain, go to Spain, Never show your face again!
Students read the words and word combinations from the box (ex. 5 p. 151) and translate them. The teacher makes vocabulary work with the students if it's necessary.
Students write the sentences as in the example using the words from the box and read them to a class.
In pairs, students ask the questions to the partner's sentences and make short dialogues (ex. 6, p. 151).
Homework Park Walk
Ex. 7, p. 152.
Summary and feedback
The teacher summarizes the work by asking for students' feedback.

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