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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 9. Lesson 90. Lessons Activities
Aims and objectives: to practise vocabulary and pronunciation; to practise students' writing and speaking skills; to revise the Present Simple Tense; to develop skills of giving opinions; to cooperate with other students.

Warm up Lessons Activities
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Phonetic exercise
The rhyme is on the blackboard (or in the handouts):
Tick — the clock says. Tick-tick-ticker. What you have to do, Do quicker!
Checking on homework
One of the students goes to the blackboard and sits (or stands) face to face with class. Other students are divided into two groups and ask him/her their questions, and the first student answers. Then the first student takes his/her place, and the teacher chooses another student.
Game "Jigsaw reading"
The teacher cuts out and mixes cards with the jokes. Then the teacher divides students into pairs, and they have to sort out the cards to make the jokes up. The students read their answers.
Introducing the topic
To present the topic of the lesson the teacher uses the pictures (ex. 5, p. 191) and can add other pictures like these:
The teacher presents the pictures (with/or without notes) and asks to call and to comment children's school activities. Students may use ex. 4, p. 191 as the example.
The teacher makes movements with the students. Teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. For example:
Hands on your hips. Hand? on your knees, Put them behind you. If you please. Touch your shoulders, Touch your nose, Touch your ears. Touch your toes.
The teacher divides students into pairs, and they read the dialogues (ex. 6, p. 192) aloud in turn. Then, students make their own dialogue as in the examples.
Homework Lessons Activities
Ex. 7, p. 192.
Summary and feedback
The teacher summarizes the work by asking for students' feedback.

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