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Англ. язык 5 кл. Unit 9. Lesson 97. Semester Test on Listening
Aims and objectives: check students' listening skills.

Warm up Semester Test on Listening
The teacher's greeting. Good morning, students! I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Introducing the topic
Teacher tells students about order of the work. Students may look through the tasks, and then they have to turn the pages with the task. The teacher has to explain the proper name from this story.
The text is read two times; before the task 2 the teacher reads the text one more time.
Students will get 1 point for each right answer. Total mark is 12.
Nasreddin and the Smelf of Soup
One day, a poor man, who had only one piece of bread to eat, was walking past a restaurant. There was a large pot of soup on the table.
The poor man held his bread over the soup, so the steam from the soup went into the bread and gave it a good smell. Then he ate the bread. The restaurant owner was very angry at this and he asked the man for money, in exchange for the steam from the soup. The poor man had no money» so the restaurant owner took him to Nasreddin, who was a judge at that time. Nasreddin thought about the case for a little while.
Then he took some money from his pocket. He held the coins next to the restaurant owner's ear and shook them, so that they made a jingling noise. "What was that?" asked the restaurant owner. "That was payment for you", answered Nasreddin. "What do you mean? That was just the sound of coins!" protested the restaurant owner. "The sound of the coins is payment for the smell of the soup", answered Nasreddin. "Now go back to your restaurant".
 steam — nap
□ owner — власник
 judge — суддя
 case — справа (в суді)
 coins — монета
 jingling noise — дзвін
* Listen to the text "Nasreddin and the Smell of Soup". Choose the correct answer to the question.
1. How many characters are there in the story? 
a) One.                                         
b) Two.
c) Three.                                      
d) Four.
2. What kind of food did the poor man see in the restaurant? 
a) Meat.                                     
b) Soup.
c) Bread.                                     
d) Salad.
3. Why did the restaurant owner take the poor man to Nasreddin?
a) Because Nasreddin was his friend.
b) Because Nasreddin was a judge.
c)  So that Nasreddin could pay for the soup.
d) Because Nasreddin was the poor man's relative.
4.  Why did Nasreddin shake the coins next to the restaurant] owner's ear?
a) He didn't want the restaurant owner to see them.
b) It was a good payment for the smell of soup
c)  Nasreddin had done it before he gave the coins to the restaurant owner.
d) In order to give the coins to the poor man. (4 points)
Answers: 1 c; 2 b; 3 b; 4 b.
* Listen to the story and mark the following statemmU "I.......or "False" (F).
1. The poor man ate the pot of soup and didn't pay for it.
2. The restaurant owner asked the man to pay for thr   tMI soup.
3. Nasreddin put some money into the poor man's pocket.
4. The restaurant owner was satisfied with Nasreddin's (4 points)
Answers: 1 F; 2 T; 3 F; 4 F.
* Match the words with their descriptions. There is one vn don't need to use.
a) The container of soup that was                1) The poor тип on the table in the restaurant.
b) The person who had only one piece         2) The restaurnnl of bread to eat.
c) The place the poor man was walking        3) A piece of bread past in the story.
d) The only food the poor man in the           4) A restaurant, story had to eat.
5) A pot. (4 points) Answers: a — 5; b — 1; с — 4; d — 3.
Homework Semester Test on Listening
To prepare to the test on reading; to repeat vocabulary.
Summary and feedback
The teacher summarizes the work by asking for student"s feedback.

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