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Английский язык 2 кл. Unit 3. Lesson 9. Повторення граматики
Тема. Повторення граматики
навчальна: повторити й узагальнити граматичний матеріал, закріпити вживання граматичних структур, активізувати вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал, розвивати вміння та навички читання, письма, усного мовлення;
розвивальна: розвивати інтелектуальні та пізнавальні здібності, різні типи пам'яті — слухову, зорову, оперативну, тривалу, увагу, уяву, учити працювати в парі, групі, логічно висловлювати думку;
виховна: виховувати культуру співбесіди, зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань, загальну культуру учнів.
Обладнання: граматичні таблиці, картки за темою «Зовнішність. Одяг».

Хід уроку WARM-UP
1. Play a few rounds of the Spelling Shark to revise the vocabulary for the lesson: umbrella, tie, jacket.
2. Revise the articles a, an or no article.
Read the words with the articles. Revise the rule. Use their native language.
3. Fill in "a / an" or no article (p. 60, ex. 1). Read the words and fill in the articles. Write the words on the board.
Ask the pupils to write the words on the board.
Ask eight pupils to come to the front of the class.
Pupil 1 says a phrase e.g., a red kite.
Pupil 2 repeats this phrase and adds another phrase, e.g., a red kite and a blue yo-yo.
Pupil 3 then repeats this and adds another phrase, e.g., a red kite, a blue yo-yo and a green ball.
Continue until the eighth pupil has added his/her phrase.
Then ask the class to repeat the whole thing.
This can be done with the following words:
•   colour + toy, adjective + animal (e.g., a fat cat; a fat cat and a tall giraffe; a fat cat, a tall giraffe and a long snake),
•   adjectives of feeling (e.g., hot; hot and hungry; hot, hungry and tired),
•   food (e.g., a sandwich; a sandwich and a banana; a sandwich, a banana and a cake), •  dates (e.g., the ninth of October; the ninth of October and the fifth of May; the ninth of October, the fifth of May and the twenty-second of June).
4. Write (p. 60, ex. 2).
Ask the pupils to open their copybooks. Read the words and explain what article to choose.
Write down the words with the articles. Draw the pupils' attention to the words "a tooth", "a foot".
5. Count and write (p. 60, ex. 3). Look at the pictures. Name them. Count the things.
Ask a pupil to come up to the board and write the names of clothes and their quantity.
6. Say, as in the example (p. 61, ex. 4). Read the example. Revise possessive case. Read a sentence and make changes.
Key: 1. My granny's smile is kind. 3. Tom's jacket is brown. 4. Mr. Tame's tie is blue. 5. Mrs. Green's dress is purple. 6. Miss Alison's blouse is pink. 7. My sister's hat is nice.
7. Complete and say. Write the answers (p. 61, ex. 5). Look at the table. Read the words.
Read the sentences and fill in the gaps.
Key: 1. What; 2. When; 3. Whose; 4. What; 5. What; 6. How; 7. Where; 8. Who.
Answer the questions. Write them down. Pupils may write down their own answers.
8. Write sentences (p. 61, ex. 6).
Read the words and make up sentences.
Write them down.
Key: 1. My doll has got a blue dress on. 2. The robot can talk. 3. My eyes can see. 4. The ugly monster has got six legs. 5.1 have got ten little fingers. 6. Can you jump high? 7. My sister can't walk. 8.1 think this dress is nice.
9. Speak in class (p. 61, ex. 7).
Ask the pupils to introduce themselves. Read and use the patterns.
Play the game the pupils wish to play.
Revise the grammar rules. Revise the words of the unit.

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