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Английский язык 2 кл. Unit 5. Lesson 10. Перевір себе!
Тема. Перевір себеї
навчальна: повторити та закріпити лексико-граматичні структури, узагальнити вивчений лексичний матеріал за темою;
розвивальна: розвивати комунікативні компетенції, довільну пам'ять, здатність узагальнювати вивчений матеріал;
виховна: викликати в дітей бажання вчитися, інтерес до процесу пізнання; виховувати дисципліну, повагу до однокласників, звичку до систематичної розумової праці.
Обладнання: граматичні таблиці й картки за темою «Тварини».

Хід уроку WARM-UP
1. Review animals and their habits. Play "Guess the animal" or get the pupils to talk about the animals they wrote about in Unit 5.
2. Listen and choose (p. 102, ex. 1).
Ask the pupils to listen to the dialogues and put a tick answering the questions.
The teacher reads the first dialogue. Pupils listen and read it in silence. Then they put a tick. Key: 1. A. 2. A.
3. Complete and read (p. 102, ex. 2).
Before reading: Write the letters in brackets on the board. Explain to the pupils that they must make words from the letters. The words will help the pupils to understand the text about the fox.
Pupils make the words and write them on the board. Put the pictures next to the letters to help the pupils.
Pupils read the text on their own. As they prepare, write the whole text on the board. Go round helping with pronunciation.
Ask individual pupils to read sentences from the text out loud in turn, concentrating again on the words.
After reading: Check what the pupils have understood.
Finally, pupils answer the questions about the fox: "What animal is the fox? Where does it live? What does it eat?" etc.
Key: 1. animal; 2. coat; 3. tail; 4. forest; 6. mice; 6. chickens; 7. rabbits; 8. birds; 9. fruit; 10. clever.
4. Listen and read. Order the pictures (p. 103, ex. 3).
Before reading: Learn the word "ad" (show some).
Books open. Pupils in turn read out the sentences above the pictures — the pictures are in the wrong order. The pupils* task is to arrange the pictures in the correct order.
Pupils read the text and point at the right picture to go with what they hear. Ask questions about each picture: "What is Ann doing? What is Ann drawing?" Pupils use the picture captions for their answers.
Ask various Yes / No questions about the story and the pictures: "Is the cat thin? Is the cat red? Is Ann happy? Is Mrs Smith kind (angry)?" etc.
Key:l. A. 2.D. 3.C.4.B.
Learn the poem.
Stick some pictures or photos of kittens to the board. Recite the poem and point at the pictures. Pupils repeat after you.
Then ask pupils to go to the board and point to the pictures while you are reciting the poem again.
Practice the poem individually.
A kitten with a black nose
Sleeps all the day.
A kitten with a white nose
Is always glad to play.
A kitten with a pink nose
Comes when you call.
But a kitten with a grey nose
I like best of all.
5. Speak English (p. 103, ex. 4).
Stick the pictures of wild animals, domestic animals and pets to the board. Pair work: Pupils read the questions and describe their favourite animal.
Read the text (p. 103, ex. 3). Describe the pictures and make up a story.

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