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Английский язык 2 кл. Unit 7. Lesson 10. Перевір себе!
Тема. Перевір себеї
навчальна: повторити та закріпити лексико-граматичні структури, узагальнити вивчений лексичний матеріал за темою;
розвивальна: розвивати комунікативні компетенції, довільну пам'ять, навички діалогічного мовлення, здатність узагальнювати вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал;
виховна: викликати в дітей бажання вчитися, інтерес до процесу пізнання; заохочувати вивчати Іноземну мову; виховувати дисципліну, повагу до однокласників, звичку до систематичної розумової праці.
Обладнання: граматичні таблиці й картки за темою.

Хід уроку WARM-UP
1.  Miming: Give the pupils instructions to mime activities for the other pupils to guess. The instructions can be given with action pictures or written on slips of paper.
2. Listen, read and choose (p. 142, ex. 1).
Ask the pupils to listen to the dialogues and put a tick answering the questions.
The teacher reads the first dialogue. Pupils listen and read it in silence.
Then they put a tick.
Ask a pupil to come up to the board and write the answer down.
Help and correct the answers if necessary.
Key:l.A. 2.B.
Draw five pictures, e.g., of toys or animals, on the board.
Do choral repetition of the words in sequence: e.g., a picture, a marker, a file.
Then erase one of the pictures in the sequence.
Pupils chant the whole sequence of five words, including the missing one.
Repeat, erasing another picture.
Continue till there are no pictures on the board and pupils are saying the whole sequence from memory.
You can also play this by writing five words on the board, and erasing them one at a time.
3. Look and say (p. 142, ex. 2).
Ask the pupils to look at the picture. Ask questions about the children: "Who has got a ball, a boy or a girl? How many children can you see?" etc.
Ask the pupils to read the sentences and match them with the pictures.
Answer "Yes" or "No" about the children.
Key: 1. Yes. 2. It is not clear who is Sue, so choose your own answer. 3. No. 4. Yes. 6. No. 6. Yes.
4. Find and say (p. 143, ex. 3).
Ask the pupils to read the text in silence.
Pupils take turns to read the text. They point at the picture. Pupils read and practice the text.
Help or correct pronunciation if the pupils have difficulties.
5. Choose and say (p. 143, ex. 4).
Ask the pupils to read the sentences individually and choose the correct answers.
Pupils read the sentences and give the correct answer. Key: 1. A lesson; 2. Two; 3. friend.
6. Find and say (p. 143, ex. 5).
This activity helps the pupils to associate spoken sounds with written letters. Explain the task in English. Read the text (p. 143, ex. 3) again. Find the "Tt" words.
Ask the pupils to write the words on the board or you can do it yourself to save time.
Spell the "T t" words.
Make up sentences with the "T t" words.
Write the sentences on the board and in the exercise books.
7. Speak English (p. 143, ex. 6).
Individual work: Pupils describe their new friends, making short stories. You can write some questions or some sentences on the board to help.

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