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Английский язык 2 кл. Lesson 10. Перевір себе!
Тема. Перевір себе!
навчальна: повторити й закріпити лексико-граматичні структури, узагальнити вивчений лексичний матеріал за темою «Моя сім'я*;
роз ви вальна: розвивати комунікативні компетенції, розвивати довільну пам'ять, здатність узагальнювати вивчений матеріал;
виховна: викликати в дітей бажання вчитися, зацікавленість процесом пізнання; виховувати дисципліну, повагу до однокласників, звичку до систематичної розумової праці.
Обладнання: таблиці «Дієслово to be», картки й постер до теми «Моя сім'я».

Хід уроку WARM-UP
1. Play "Wind the Bobbin* Up" using the movements.
2. Listen and match (p. 22, ex. 1). Read Dialogue 1. Pupils listen.
Read again, pausing after each sentence to let the pupils point at the pictures. Ask the pupils to read the dialogue too. Do choral and individual repetition. Read the dialogue in pairs. Ask the pupils to read Dialogue 2. Do choral and individual repetition.
— Act out Dialogue 2.
3. Choose and say (p. 22, ex. 2).
—  Ask the pupils "Who is the man? How many children are there? What animal is it?" etc. They look and answer.
Then pupils read the sentences and choose the right answers.
4. Listen and read (p. 23, ex. 3).
Ask the pupils to read the text individually.
Ask the pupils "What is the uncle's name? What is the aunt's name? Where do they live? Where does their friend live? What is his name?" etc. Read the text again one by one.
Pair work: pupils point at the picture and ask questions about the people. "Who's this? Do they live in China?" etc. Help or correct the pupils if they have difficulties.
5. Choose and say (p. 23, ex. 4).
Ask the pupils to read the sentences individually and choose the correct answers.
Key: 1. Uncle Ustym lives in the USA. No. 2. Uzo comes to Ukraine in November. Yes. 3. Aunt Ulyana cooks a fish pic. No.
Write some words on the board, e.g., nice, kind, strong, weak.pretty.
Pupils close their eyes while you erase one word.
Pupils then open their eyes and try to remember what is missing.
They can either say the word or write it down.
If the pupils can't remember the word, show it with gestures to help and encourage them to remember.
Repeat lexical sets two or three times.
6. Find and say (p. 23, ex. 5).
This activity helps the pupils to associate spoken sounds with written letters. Explain the task in English. Then translate it. Read the text (p. 23, ex. 3) again. Find the "U u" words.
Ask the pupils to write the words on the board or do it yourself to save time. Make up sentences with the "U u" words.
Key: 1. Aunt Ulyana is kind. 2. Aunt Ulyana cooks well. 3.1 live in Ukraine, etc.
7. Write (p. 23, ex. 6).
Revise the family words. Use the flashcards.
Ask the pupils to write 2-3 sentences about their families. Use the patterns.
Pupils make their sentences. They write them down into their activity books.
8. Speak English (p. 23, ex. 7).
Pair work: Pupils ask questions about their partners' grandparents using the questions from ex. 7.
Do ex. 7, p. 23.
Make a story about your family. Use the Family Book.

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