Английский язык 5 класс Несвит поурочные планы. II семестр - 30 Января 2014
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Английский язык 5 класс Несвит поурочные планы. II семестр
Unit 5. Nature And Weather
Lesson 49. What Is the Weather Like Today?
Lesson 50. Seasons. My Favourite Season
Lesson 51. The Weather in England and in Ukraine
Lesson 52. Writing a Letter Reply   
Lesson 53. Modal Verbs. Dialogues
Lesson 54. "Will" and "To Be Going to" for Future Actions
Lesson 55. Natural Phenomena
Lesson 56. Grammar Revision  
Lesson 57. Reading. "The Wind, the Sun, and Simon" 
Lesson 58. Project "Seasons and the School Year"

Unit 6. Around Great Britain And Ukraine
Lesson 59. Great Britain
Lesson 60. National Parks. Article "The"
Lesson 61. Ukraine Is Our Motherland
Lesson 62. National Symbols of Ukraine National Symbols of Great Britain   
Lesson 63. Ukraine Is a European Country   
Lesson 64. Grammar Revision   
Lesson 65. Reading. "Up the Mountain"
Lesson 66. Project "Places to Visit in Ukraine/Great Britain" 

Unit 7. The Place Where I Live Lesson 
Lesson 67. My City/Town/Village. Structure "There Is/There Are"
Lesson 68. Places to See in Ukraine  
Lesson 69. Places to See in Ukraine  
Lesson 70. Community Centre
Lesson 71. Park Walk  
Lesson 72. Landmarks
Lesson 73. Landmarks
Lesson 74. Museums and Exhibitions
Lesson 75. Grammar Revision  
Lesson 76. Reading. "City Grandmother, Country Grandmother" 
Lesson 77. Project "Around Cities and Villages in Ukraine/Great Britain"

Unit 8. Holidays And Traditions
Lesson 78. National Holidays. Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals 
Lesson 79. Celebration of Holidays in Ukraine
Lesson 80. Holidays in Britain. Halloween
Lesson 81. Holiday Meal and Traditions
Lesson 82. Presents and Parties
Lesson 83. Ukrainian Traditions  
Lesson 84. The Same Holidays - Different Traditions 
Lesson 85. Reading. "Mrs. Bear's Valentine"
Lesson 86. Project "My Favourite Holiday"   

Unit 9. School Life
Lesson 87. At the Lesson. General and WA-questions
Lesson 88. School Subjects 
Lesson 89. My Favourite Subject
Lesson 90. Lessons Activities
Lesson 91. Time-table  
Lesson 92. School Activities
Lesson 93. Why Do We Study English?
Lesson 94. Grammar: Pronouns 
Lesson 95. Reading. "A New Friend"  
Lesson 96. Project "My Ideal School" 
Lesson 97. Semester Test on Listening
Lesson 98. Semester Test on Reading
Lesson 99. Semester Test on Writing
Lesson 100. Semester Test on Speaking

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