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Английский язык 7 кл Кузовлев учебник

Название: Русский язык. Учебник для 10-11 классов
Авторы: Кузовлев В.П.
Страниц: 252
Формат: pdf 
Издательство: Просвещение
Год издания: 2011

Отрывок из учебника по англ.языку для 7 класса, автор Кузовлев:
Mary: Our school is not the best, but I like it. I'm good at a lot of subjects. My parents are happy that I get A's and B's.* английский язык 7 класс учебник I think that school is very important because we must learn to get a good job. As for me, I like discovering new things. I've got three favourite subjects. They are Science, ICT, and History. Most of my teachers are nice, some are strict but fair. Everything is good at my school. But I think there should be more field trips- and outings to go on.
Mike: 1 don't like school very much. I have some problems with Maths. I'm always nervous when we have a test. Besides I hate homework. I think that everything is boring at school and school is a waste of time. I can get information from books, TV, and my computer! But I can't do without my friends. I'm glad that I mix with1 them every day at school.
Alex: I live in the country and I go to the little village school. We are all together — boys and girls of all ages. We are one big happy family because we all get on! The teachers are very good and they make learning interesting and fun. Besides, there are lots of after-school activities for children with different interests. 1 play in the school band. учебник 7 класс It's very interesting! I am glad that I go to my little village school.
1) Use the word box and find in the dialogues how they:
•  say they don't understand something;
•  ask about meaning.
—  What are your marks at school?
—  I get fours and fives.
—  Fours and fives? What do they mean? Are you a good pupil?
—   Yes, I am. 4 means good and 5 means excellent.1
—  Oh, well done! But in my culture they mean B and A.
You are talking to your foreign friend about your school and schools in your country.
You begin the conversation. Give some information about your school or schools in your country. Explain to your Russian friend what you mean.
—  I'm in Form 3W*
—  Many schools in the USA have summer classes.*
—  I go to Manchester Grammar School.*
—   All the pupils at our school have their own lockers.*
—  At 9 I go to a Sunday school.*
—  I get to school by a school bus.*
—  I'm a freshman.*
—  We are on a half-term.*
—  At the end of the term our school sends a report card* to parents.
Summerhill is a boarding school1 in Suffolk, England. A. S. Neill* opened this -rhool in 1921. There are only eighty pupils, aged from англ.язык 7 кл Кузовлев учебник  five to eighteen. The children have classes usually according to2 their age, sometimes according to their interests. Every week the pupils and the teachers have a meeting3 where they make and change their rules. There is a timetable — but for the teachers. The pupils can go to the lessons or play, or spend their time in the art room. Children from other countries can study at Summerhill. Parents pay for the teaching. It costs about £6,000 a year.


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