ГДЗ раб.тетрадь англ.язык 6 Карпюк - 6 Ноября 2014
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ГДЗ раб.тетрадь англ.язык 6 Карпюк

Отрывок из ГДЗ раб.тетради англ.язык 6 кл Карпюк:

We're spending wonderful time in mountains, Switzerland. Of course it is cold here, but the weather is gorgeous. Анг.язык 6 кл раб.тетрадь The sun is shinning all the time. So we go skiing every day. Yesterday we climbed a mountain. However it wasnt so high I was scared but happy. Moreover, today I'm going to try snowboarding. It's gonna be cool.
I'm Ethan. I'm not crazy about school. I'm bad at maths, but I'm very good at English.
My hobby is fishing. Actually I'm crazy about fishing. I'm also interested
in sports, especially skiing.
ГДЗ раб.тетрадь 6 класс I'm not very good at skiing, but I'm sure I can learn.
Jessica is short and plump. She has got long straight hair. Her hair is in braids.
Robert is strong and thin. His moustache is long and funny. He has got a big nose and he is bald.
Sam is fat. He has got freckles and straight hair. His hair is blond.
Mia is slim. She is pretty.  Her hair is blond and she has got plaits. There are freckles all over her face.
Athletics, badminton,
англ.яз 6 кл Карпюк раб.тетрадь baseball, basketball, cycling, football, golf, gymnastics, handball,  hockey, ice skating, rugby, skiing, swimming, tennis, volleyball.

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