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ГДЗ тетрадь английский язык 6 класс Несвит

Отрывок из ГДЗ раб.тетради по англ.языку 6 кл, автор Несвит:

Anna: When I lived in Brazil ГДЗ тетрадь английский язык 6 класс  joined a riding club. It was brilliant! I learned how to ride a horse and how to look after it. I love riding! Now I live in the USA. There isn't a club in my village, but it isn't a problem. My friend lives on a farm and she's got two horses, so T go there with her twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays). Her father lets me ride a horse called Prince. think I'm very lucky! английский язык 6 класс Несвит His aunt lives in a big city. Volodymyr usually travels there with his mum or dad. They go to the railway station when they plan to visit his aunt. 1.  Pilgrims travelled to America by ship in 1620 to look for a better life. 2.  Pocahontas travelled to London by ship in 1616 to meet Queen Anne and King James. ГДЗ тетрадь английский язык 3.  James Cook travelled to Newfoundland in Canada in 1758 (смотрите ГДЗ 6 класс английский язык ) to make detailed maps.

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