Зошит англ.мова 5 Мясоєдова ГДЗ - 12 Декабря 2014
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Зошит англ.мова 5 Мясоєдова ГДЗ

Отрывок из раб.тетради по англ.языку, автор Мясоедова:

Sophie: Hey. Ruth. Ruth: Hi, Sophie. Sophie: So, tell me about your
Sophie: So. who is the most serious person in your family?
Ruth: Serious? You know, actually, зошит англ.мова 5 Мясоєдова ГДЗ
 I don't think anybody in my family is very serious. Sophie:J}m?    ЛАГ Ruth: Maybe my grandfather is. However, my father is even more serious. He is very thoughtful and doesn't like fooling around. Ruth: I think it's a good thing, but from time to time I think it's a bad thing. Sophie: I see. Now, who is the funniest person in your family? Ruth: The funniest person? Probably my mum is. She's got a really good sense of humour, and she plays tricks on people, she's really funny. Sophie: Right! And who is the most generous person in your whole family? Ruth: My brother likes giving presents to me, and sometimes I англ.мова 5 кл зошит відповіді feel uncomfortable because he's so generous in buying and giving me things, so yes, I would say my brother is the most generous. Ruth: Ah, that's a good question. He bought me some clothes, actually, when (ГДЗ 5 класс по англ.языку) I came here on holiday.

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