ГДЗ английский язык 10 класс Несвит

ang yaz nesv 10kl

Отрывок из решебник по английскому языку 10 кл, автор Несвит:
The Museum of Art named after Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko was founded in 1919 on the basis of their private museum. The museum is also called the Museum of Western and Oriental Art. From 1919 the (ГДЗ англ.язык 10 кл Несвит)number of exhibits has been more than 13 times increased — from 1250 to nearly 17000 artworks, with 2000 pieces exposed in museum halls. Visitors can view many remarkable pieces of foreign art: Ancient Greek, Roman, Italian, French, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Persaian, Turkish, Egyptian etc. With time the collection enriched and formed, thanks to the efforts of many famous people. The collection of the museum today consists of 25 thousands of exhibits and is considered to be the biggest foreign art collection in Ukraine. Among the museum's collection there are real fine art masterpieces. There is, for example, the world-famous work of Diego Velasquez, The Portrait of Infanta Margaret, located in the Spanish hall of the museum. Although the collection covers a wide range of countries, it does not claim to compl-lete representation of periods (ответы английский язык 10 класс)and styles of the foreign art and creative manners of foreign artists. It is not the number of art pieces, but unique nature of many of them that makes Kyiv Museum of Western and Oriental Art famous not only in Ukraine but far abroad as well. In 2009, the museum celebrated its 90th anniversary. 8. 1- An art gallery — a building where paintings are shown to the public. 2. An exhibition — a show of paintings, photographs or other objects that people can go to see. 3. A painter — someone who paints pictures. 4. The school of painters — a group of people that use a particular style. 5. Entrance fees — fees to enter the museum. 6. To come in touch with — to have the latest information or knowledge about something. 7. Invaluable — extremely useful. 8. Exquisite — extremely beautiful and very delicately made. 9. To sketch — to draw a simple, quickly-made drawing that does not show much detail. 10. To radiate — to send out (light or heat or a feeling).
11. To distinguish — to recognize and understand the difference between two or three more things or people. 12. Eternal — continuing for ever and having no end. 11. The Ivan Aivazovsky National, решебник, Art Gallery Feodosia was the native city of the famous seascape painter Ivan Aivazovsky. He was born there in 1817 to a family of the poor Armenian merchant. He was working there from 1848 to 1900 and was buried there (near the Surb-Sarkiz Church). Aivazovsky's first "canvases" were the walls of neighbouring houses, on which he drew with charcoal. In 1845, the artist built a house with a big studio. Now it is hosted a museum named after him, among whose visitors was a famous writer Anton Chekhov. With the participation of the Aivazovsky archaeological museum foundation, a public library was opened in the city, a concert hall was built, and a sea trade port and railway from Simferopol were constructed. The painter added a gallery to his studio in 1880. According to his will, the gallery had become the property of the city. Over 12000 seascapes are kept in the museum, 417 of them by Ivan Aivazovsky.
4. Pablo Diego Jose Franciscode Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipri-anode laSantisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso was born on the 25 October. He was a Spanish painter, craftsman, and sculptor. Picasso showed his truly exceptional talent from a very young age. His first work was lapis (Spanish for pencil) and he learned to draw before he could talk. His father was an amateur artist. When he saw how beautifully Pablo completed a picture of their pigeons, no stopping him he never painted again. Picasso demonstrated uncanny artistic talent in his early years, painting in a realistic manner through his childhood adolescence. During the first decade of the twentieth century his style changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques, and ideas. He is best known for his Cubist pictures which used only simple geometric shapes. Готовые домашние задания. Guernica painted 1937 is undisputedly one of the masterpieces of modern painting. It records the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso creates over 6,000 paintings, drawings and sculptures. Today a "Picasso" costs several million pounds. Pablo Picasso died of heart failure on 8 April 1973 in France.