Підручник з англійської мови 3 клас Калініна

ang 3 kalin

Назва: Англійська мова. Підручник для 3 класу
Автор: Калініна Л.В.
Сторінок: 160
Рік видання: 2014

Отрывок из учебника для 3 класса по английскому языку, автор Калинина:
I am Jack. I live in Canada. английский язык 3 кл КалининаI go to school on weekdays, but I have a weekend to myself. It starts on Friday afternoon and lasts till Sunday evening.
My typical weekend looks like this. On Friday evenings I can go to a museum. On Saturday mornings I usually play hockey with my friends, then in the afternoon, I do my lessons and help my parents about the house. My Sunday starts with a swim in the pool, then my dad takes us for a drive, with a quiet evening back home.
I try to work and play at the weekend. I don't want to hear from anyone that "All work and no play makes Jack (and I AM Jack, you know) a dull boy" or "All play and no work makes Jack (me!) a mere toy".
8. Read and choose. 1. Jack is from ... .
a. Britain; b. Canada; с the USA.
2. His weekend begins on ... .
a. Friday; b. Saturday; с Sunday.
3. Jack can visit ... on Friday evening.
a. the theatre; b. the cinema; с a museum.
4. He does his lessons ....
a. on Friday afternoon; b. on Saturday afternoon; с on Sunday evening.
5. Jack's father takes him ... on Sunday.
a. to the pool; b. for a drive; с to the farm.
9. Talk with friends about 3 класс учебники 2014 your typical weekend. Use:
I go to ... but I have ... to myself. It starts on ... and lasts till .... My typical weekend looks like .... On Friday evenings .... On Saturday mornings .... My Sunday starts .... I try ... at the weekend.
4. Listen and role-play.
Bob: I say, Jack, what floor do you live on?
Jack: I live on the ground floor of a many-storeyed house.
Bob: Is your flat big or small?
Jack: Our flat is big and cosy. I like it a lot.
Bob: How many rooms are there in your flat?
Jack: There are three rooms, a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom in our flat. But my favourite room is a nursery.
Bob: May I know why?
Jack: Sure. There are many things английский язык 3 кл учебник 2014 I like to use every day: my books, my computer, my music centre and my toys. I spend most of my free time there.
Bob: I see.